Snap-on veneers are the fake teeth that you wear over your natural teeth to hide a variety of teeth imperfections. You can enjoy a short-lived smile transformer as long as you have them on your teeth. The Internet makes every product available in an instant, but when it comes to your health, buying a dental product such as snap-on veneers requires your dentist’s opinion.

Snap-on veneers are often called DIY dental veneers, meaning you do it yourself and make your own veneers at home. But is it worth it when you really don’t need a trip to a dentist?  In this article, you read why you should approach snap-on veneers with care and be alert of any online products.

What are snap-on veneers?

Snap-on veneers (clip-on veneers) are a piece of fake teeth that are worn by people to have an aesthetic smile and teeth. They change the smile by masking the stained, missing, and irregular teeth. You will have a temporary beautiful smile and white teeth but only if you wear them.

There is no gluing or bonding, so you can remove them whenever you want. Snap-on veneers are not designed to be worn for long time just for short temporary use. Therefore, you can snap these fake teeth over your natural teeth for gatherings and ceremonies and in any event or social groups where you might want to get a quick beautiful smile for your teeth.

Snap-on smile has variety of other names that you might want to know about like:

  • Temporary veneers
  • DIY dental veneer kit
  • Removable veneers
  • Snap-on smile
  • At-home veneers
  • Instant smile
  • Clip-on veneers
  • Pop-on veneers

And many other names that tell you there is no need for a dentist or bear a flashy brand name.

What are the advantages of snap-on veneers?

There are some reasons why people choose snap-on veneers to get their quick beautiful smile.

Temporary use. They offer you an aesthetic smile, though temporarily

Hide teeth imperfections. Snap-on veneers hide the yellow and discolored teeth, which you want to be covered. Teeth that are missing and teeth that have chips and fractures can be hidden from sight by snap-on veneers.

Affordability. They are a lot cheaper than permanent veneers that dentists fit them over teeth with bonding materials.

Removable. As snap-on veneers are not bonded, you can remove them easily.

Non-invasive and no dental work. There is no dental operation and no dental work necessary on your natural teeth for snap-on veneer. Maybe some people want to keep their teeth as it is with no dental work.

An important tip: Dentists use temporary veneers in trial smile appointment for several days or weeks before the attachment of final dental veneers. Your dentist makes the temporary veneers by first taking the impression of your teeth and then casting the material into the mold.

They are used to both protect the teeth from sensitivity and offer a sample of veneers’ appearance that you can have for your future smile and teeth. You can try them out while your permanent veneers are being fabricated in the dental laboratory.

This is why, your dentist is the only person who can offer a custom-sized snap-on veneers and a personal product that can be safe to use for temporary smile transformation.

What are the risks and disadvantages of snap-on veneers?

There are several risks and disadvantages of snap-on veneers that worth knowing. Although you don’t need a dentist trip for getting online temporary veneers, it comes with downsides that should be taken seriously.

Not custom-sized. It happens when you buy ready-made online veneers which is not a good idea at all. Most DIY snap-on veneers come with a kit that you have to make your own mold and send it back to the company. It sounds like a better method, but it may still have fitting problems over your teeth. With no dentist’s intervention, you wouldn’t expect a well-sized temporary veneer.

Bite problems and jaw pain. One of the biggest health problems is how snap-on veneers can affect your muscles in mouth and jaws. If snap-on veneers are uncomfortable because of not being in the correct size or shape and when worn for excessive periods, your bite is affected. It puts unwanted pressures on your jaw muscles, which leads to bigger problems like jaw pains or even TMJ disorders. At least, ask your dentist to make your custom snap-on veneers.

Oral and dental health risks. Snap-on veneers are not for a longtime use in your mouth. While you are eating or drinking, remove them and clean every time you snap the veneers inside your mouth. Individuals with poor oral health can even put their oral and dental health at risk by not cleaning the snap-on veneers and leaving food residue remain between their veneers and teeth.

Not a permanent solution. If financial issue is not your concern and you want a realistic smile makeover, maybe snap-on veneers are not satisfying for your needs. You can look for alternatives and secure your smile with a permanent treatment for any stained, unrestored and misaligned teeth.

Who can get snap-on veneers?

  • Anybody who want a smile transformation
  • Persons who want an affordable and cheap veneer
  • Individuals who have discolored, disfigured, and missing front teeth
  • People who want a fast and temporary veneer option
  • Those whose job may call for a short-time smile change like models, actors, and almost anybody with high public appearance.

Who is not a good candidate for snap-on veneers?

  • If you have decayed teeth and deep cavities, which demands a dental restoration
  • In case of deep dental fractures or chips and injured teeth that require root canal therapy
  • Those who are looking for a more real-like and natural dental veneers or cosmetic smile transformation options
  • Those who have another prosthetic dental appliance over their teeth  
  • If you have gum disease problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis

How do snap-on veneers work and how do you get them?

You simply fit these removable veneers on your natural teeth. If don’t fit well, they may be loose over your teeth. Snap-on veneers come in 3 main options.

Customized dental veneers kit

These temporary veneers come with an impression kit that the manufacturing company has provided. You take your own impression at home and the company fabricates the veneers according to your teeth’s mold.

Remember: Since a dentist doesn’t supervise the fit and size of these veneers, you may not get your own perfect clip-on veneers.

DIY veneers kit

These DIY dental veneers are cheaper and faster-to-get clip-on veneers option. However, these DIY pop-on veneers tend to be less effective than the custom veneers from online companies. With the do-it-yourself veneers, you make your own DIY snap-on veneers at home.

Here is how it goes:

  • Order: You order your snap-on teeth online
  • Making and fitting: With your purchase comes the impression kit. You soften the impression material using hot water and bite on it to create your custom fitting snap-in veneers.
  • Harden and trim: Allow your DIY veneers to harden and then trim the excess parts. There you have your do-it-yourself snap on teeth.   

Pre-made veneers

As the name suggests, you receive a fake veneer that are already made. They just come with a standard size and there is no do it yourself kit for taking an impression. These clip-on veneers are available online with cheap prices. Buying them is considered as a high risk for your dental and oral health and are not recommended at all.

Temporary trial smile veneers

Trial smile is the session before the final permanent veneers attachment. You wear these clip-on veneers to get a preview of your final restoration of the real permanent veneers. This provides your dentist clues with the improved final version.

You can visit your dentist and have one temporary customized veneer made this way. These temporary veneers are made by the dentist according to the impression taken at the clinic. You can also receive ways to use bonding agents that can be used to glue the veneers temporarily on your teeth in order to prevent your clip-on veneers from falling or coming off.

How much do snap-on veneers cost?

The cost of snap-on veneers can start from just $ 8 for pre-made types and get up to around $400 or higher prices for custom-made types in the manufacturing company. Depending on the quality, the design and even your dentist’s tailor-made temporary veneers, you can expect differences in cost.

What are the alternatives to snap-on veneers?

For a more natural-looking smile makeover, porcelain veneers can be one unique cosmetic treatment that you may like. If financial budget of porcelain veneers is an issue, you can go for composite veneers, which are a great and fast cosmetic treatment for reshaping your teeth. When you have missing teeth, dental implant is the best long-lasting tooth replacement treatment.

Also, dental bridges and dentures are all missing teeth alternatives that serve both functions and cosmetics for your teeth. The rule of thumb is to always ask a dentist for what best suits you and what may not be a good idea. You can weigh the pros and cons of every cosmetic solution for your teeth and for a true dental treatment that can fulfill your smile preferences.

FAQ around snap-on veneers

Are snap-on veneers safe?

Not that much. Snap-on veneers can deteriorate oral and dental health if used continuously. Jaw pain, receding gums, soft tissue irritation, tooth decay due to hygiene negligence, increasing risks of bacteria, and several other problems can occur. They are not by any means a replacement for professional dental restoration that you do at your dentist’s. Seek dental care when in need to enhance your dental appearance. Snap-on veneers are just a passing illusion and not a realistic dental approach.

Can you eat with the snap-on veneers on?

No, you can’t. You should remove your removable snap-on veneer from your mouth while eating or drinking. If your temporary veneers are made at the clinic with your dentist, chances are that these veneers are bonded on your teeth, so removal may be done by a dentist.
Otherwise, for most customized and pre-made snap-on veneers, you must remove them from your mouth. This is to prevent warping, staining, and changing the shape of the veneers. The material used or sometimes the poor quality of these clip-in veneers can make them susceptible to hot or cold temperatures or even getting discolored.

Can you sleep with the snap-on veneers on?

No, you can’t. Snap-on veneers must be removed and should never be worn while sleeping. Temporary veneers or DIY veneers are just for temporary use occasionally and should never be worn for long periods of time days or night. Your oral muscles and jaw position get disturbed at rest while asleep. Therefore, you pick up dangerous jaw pains over time and it should be avoided.


  1. Anyone had any luck with snap on veneers ?
    I would like to get porcelain veneers on my top and bottom row of teeth. They’re expensive (obviously) so I would like to get snap on veneers while I save my money for the real thing. Anybody had any luck with snap ons?

    • They look atrocious and are a waste of your money. Trust me when I say you should save the money you would spend on those and put it toward proper veneers.

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