If you ever wondered what the latest and the high-tech Oral-B toothbrush can offer, we will break down the features, differences, and what it is like to brush with Oral-B iO electric toothbrush.

Powered electric toothbrushes are far superior to manual brushes and have been shown to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis risks significantly. It may all get down to you on how to make the most of daily cleaning with your manual toothbrush. But it is all clear that using an electric toothbrush means efficiency on brushing techniques to help you brush well and of course with no physical labor. 

What is an Oral-B iO toothbrush?

People want better ways how to brush their teeth effectively and remove plaque, the cause of tooth decay, as best as possible.

The oral B has been the leading brand of electric toothbrushes and their wide range of brush models cater to more needs and preferences. The Oral-B iO is the name referred to different series including Oral-B iO Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, and finally Oral-B iO Series 9.

There are some differences between these different models of Oral-B in terms of colors provided, what can be found in the packaging (e.g., the number of brush heads), and also the price tags. These features are subtle between the iO brushes and sometimes can be fundamental like the 3D teeth tracking which is exclusively featured in Oral-B iO 9.

The Oral-B iO electric toothbrush has revolutionized the market with some distinctive features that help make teeth cleaner with proper brushing. The new motor mechanism in Oral-B iO has been re-engineered with a linear magnetic drive system which enables the oscillating-rotating movements with micro-vibrations, transferring the energy to the tip of the brush bristles.

All models come with teeth tracking using AI technology and a Bluetooth-connection app to the phone. This way, you can track down the progress of your toothbrushing in much more detail.

Where to buy the Oral-B iO?

The price of Oral-B iO can be higher compared to other Oral-B types and it is not surprising because of the excellent performance and innovative feature. However, you can still get the best product price or discounts on Amazon.

Prices may be higher if you directly buy from the official Oral-B website.  

You can see the other major retailers including eBay, Walgreen, or Bestbuy if you want to check more competitive price tags.

What makes Oral-B iO different from other Oral-B toothbrushes?

Oral-B has been and is the major player among the electric brushes with most top-performing models. Oral-B iO has made drastic changes for many premium features and it is a highly convenient brush to use and feels really modern.

From the inside, the new style motor of Oral-B iO is much quieter compared to the previous models of Oral-B. In addition, it has gone through a redesign in the outer from the small round head and sleeker handle brush. You had to recharge the battery for more hours with older ones (sometimes 14 hours) and you had to listen to a louder sound coming from the brush. The Oral-B team has addressed these issues in the iO.

Oral-B iO makes a big difference with some revolutionary features compared to other Oral-B models like:

  • 3-hour charging time
  • Significantly quieter motor sound
  • Magnetic charging stand
  • The longer battery life
  •  Interactive built-in display
  • Advanced AI technology tracking with Bluetooth-connect app
  • Smart pressure sensor 

Oral-B iO in-depth review

Smart clean with Oral-B iO artificial intelligence

There are sensors inside the brush that allows AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track the position of the brush in your mouth to enhance brushing techniques. It helps in how you brush your teeth, show you the missed teeth, and allows for pressure sensors to detect the right amount of force during brushing.

You can download the app for all models of iO to unlock much useful information. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones and it has been enhanced for more accurate real-time data tracking, which gives you a better view of your oral health. You need to connect your phone via Bluetooth and for a real-time brushing open up the app as you brush.

Although the AI is not a new idea in Oral-B because it has been used in Oral-B Genius X, it has been upgraded for a smarter clean in the iO. Also, you can find the same technology in the Sonicare DiamodClean Smart series. But the major difference is with the iO series 9 since there are 3D teeth tracking.

The app requires commitment and you need to have your smartphone around during brushing. However, it brings about feedback, encouragement, and personalized coaching that other typical electric toothbrushes may not. It is a good way to have your kid brush their teeth and maybe they like to receive the reward points.

If you are not interested in the hassles of using the app, you don’t have to use the app for every brushing. You can stick to your 2-minute brushing with your iO.

3D Tracking

While the iO 6,7 and 8 Series offer 6 zones of teeth in the simpler graphic display for you to track your brushing, the iO 9 Series provides much more advanced 3D teeth tracking.

It visualizes teeth cleaning better and helps you more in a detailed personalized brushing experience with an advanced graphic mouth display on your phone. It does require that you connect your phone via Bluetooth similarly.  

3D teeth tracking is only available in series 9 and not in iO 6,7 and 8. All models of iO still have the AI Brushing Recognition technology that shows you the amount of progress you have made and other patterns of brushing that you may need improvement.

The whole idea is to guide you in techniques of teeth cleaning and for you to have as much dentist-inspired toothbrushing as it is possible, which to tell the truth Oral-B has made accessible.

Battery life

It can be important to have long-lasting battery life for your electric toothbrush, especially when on travel.

While the older versions of Oral-B brushes had 1-week battery life, the newer models like Genius X and Genius Pro 8000 can last up to 1 to 2 weeks. Oral-B iO offers 2 + weeks of battery life compared to 2 to 3 weeks for another competitive brand, Sonicare.

The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery inside the brush handle takes just 3 hours to fully recharge. This is a great advantage over Sonicare, which takes 24 hours, and a good upgrade because most of Oral-B’s existing brushes offer an average of 14 hours to charge.

Magnetic charging stand

You don’t have the normal power adapter like most brushes, the iO brushes instead have a magnetic charging stand where you fit the base of your brush. The power cable is fixed into the magnetic stand and will charge your brush.

Built-in timer

Dentist-recommended two minutes brushing twice a day is necessary to have healthier teeth and get rid of plaque buildups much more effectively. You want an electric toothbrush to have at least a 2-minute set time. 

Like other smart Oral-B brushes, the iO Series have a timer built-in that shows when your brushing time is over but in a stylish and interactive display.

With the iO, you can have a quad-pacer, which shows you when to move to the other part of your teeth. For example, if you choose the Daily Clean mode, the timer is set for 2 minutes breaking into four 30-seconds intervals to clean all areas of your teeth and it can even vibrate to show that you should move to another area.

The timer is set for 2 minutes automatically. You can adjust the time via the app easily and don’t worry the brush will not turn off by itself after the recommended time and you can still brush your teeth. You may want to continue to brush after the timer.

There are some ways to know how long you have brushed your teeth. The brush can vibrate and let you know that your brushing is completed according to the recommended time. You can see the timer on the interactive display on the brush handle during brushing. The final way is to check the Oral-B app on your smartphone.

Smart pressure sensor

The pressure sensor monitors the amount of force during brushing so that you will apply the right pressure to prevent damage to your teeth and gums.

If you use too much force, the LED ring around the brush handle lights up in red and the iO will automatically reduce the speed of the motor to avoid harming teeth. With the right pressure, you will see the green light is lit from the LED ring. Even there is the white color when you are not applying enough. Change the color options on the app if want yours to be different.

The other Oral-B models signal only the ‘too much force’ and not the right pressure, but instead, you have sound alerts.

Sonicare has another strategy and it uses vibration, which makes you aware of your aggressive brushing.

Oral-B Power2go charging travel case (exclusively with series 9)

There is the Power2go charging travel case for convenience that is added to the iO Series 9 and it is not featured in iO Series 6,7 and 8. They have only the travel case and not the charging one. The Power2go allows the charging of the brush while the toothbrush is inside the case. It holds one brush handle and one brush head.

Instead of the USB cable that could have been used for charging, there is a bulky power adaptor, which makes it not a travel-friendly case. But considering the longer battery life, the iO brush is certainly for anywhere anytime.

The iO brush heads

The iO replacement brush heads are new and are called the Ultimate Clean and Gentle Care, which are in black or white color. On average, the brush head can cost you $10 to $15 each depending on the pack that retailers offer.

The toothbrush heads of iO are specifically designed for iO and are not compatible with other Oral-B electric toothbrushes like Genius X. The opposite is also true, so you can’t fit the older brush heads on the iO brush handle.

It is recommended by dentists that you change the brush heads every 3 months, and you can check the Oral-B app on your phone in the Brushing Guide section whether you need a replacement. If want to be reminded to get the new replacement brush head, set the reminder to change the brush heads.

The differences between iO models: iO 6 vs iO 7 vs iO 8 vs iO 9

Oral-B iO has introduced four different models iO 6, iO 7, iO 8, and iO 9.

The differences between the iO Series are listed in the table below:

 iO 6iO 7iO 8iO 9
Retail priceAround $129Around $ 180Around $249Around $299
Handle color4 colors: White Alabaster, Black Onyx, Pink and Grey Anthracite2 colors: White Alabaster and Black Onyx3 colors: White Alabaster, Black Onyx, and Violet Ametrine3 colors: White Alabaster, Black Onyx, and Rose Quartz
Cleaning modes5 modes. All except for Super Sensitive and Tongue Cleaner5 modes. All except for Super Sensitive and Tongue Cleaner6 modes. All except for Tongue CleanerAll 7 modes: Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, Super Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense Clean, and Tongue Cleaner  
Interactive DisplayBlack and WhiteBlack and WhiteColor displayColor display
3D Teeth TrackingNoNoNoYes
Artificial IntelligenceYesYesYesYes
Travel caseYes, but not chargingYes, but not chargingYes, but not chargingYes, Power2go travel charging case
Recharging Time12 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours

Oral-B iO 6 doesn’t recharge as quickly as the other iO models and instead of 3 hours, it takes 12 hours like previous models. One thing to know is that a magnetic charging stand is not available in Series 6 and there is a regular charging stand instead. 

Although there are differences between Oral-B iO series in some features, all brushes clean the teeth really well. But it is a fact that you can have extra advantages with some. The iO 9 stands out with some extra features and it is the most expensive one accordingly. It has 3D teeth tracking, a power2go charging case, and all cleaning modes.

1. Cleaning modes

While most people may just use Daily Clean or a few other brushing styles instead of all of them, extra modes may be beneficial for some people. If you are a person looking for more oral care options, you can, for example, benefit from the Sensitive Mode, which is useful and available in all iO models.

The iO 9 has the Tongue Cleaner mode, too, which iO 8 and other models lack. Maybe you can buy the manual tongue scraper if you are in great need of the Tongue Cleaner style that works for just 20 or 30 seconds and the brush will turn off opposite unlike other cleaning styles that won’t switch off.

2. 3D teeth tracking

Another feature that is specifically designed for iO Series 9 is 3D teeth tracking which allows for a professional real-time tracking of your teeth as you brush. Using the app with this high level of smartness requires commitment. Otherwise, it can be just an added feature.

With 3D teeth tracking, you will have a highly-progressed graphic display that provides 16 zones in the app. You can, therefore, visualize better the coverage of your teeth and it is easier for you to know what goes wrong or right.

3. Color options

You will have the choice of black onyx and white alabaster color in all of the iO models. The iO 6 Series is presented with four colors including anthracite grey and pink beside black onyx and white alabaster. Both iO 8 and iO 9 have their own third color. With the iO 8 Series, you will have the violet ametrine color and with the iO 9 Series, you get rose quartz.

Remember that all these color options are for brush handles and the other accessories are either black or white. For example, if you choose the black or white color, all the items (charging stand, power adaptor, travel case, and the brush head) are either black or white while choosing violet, rose, grey, etc are only for brush handles.

There are still more similarities in all four models of the iO. You can find all the below features in all of the Series.

  • Frictionless magnetic drive system with oscillating-rotating cleaning and micro-vibrations
  • Built-in time with 2 minutes and built-in pacer with 30 seconds or in quadrants
  • AI technology to help locate the brush positions in your mouth
  • Built-in pressure sensors to guide you on applying the right pressure and preventing aggressive brushing
  • the Bluetooth-connect app that opens up an array of information on your smartphone
  • Travel case to store the brush handle and brush head
  • Interactive OLED display which provides users with useful information on battery status, settings, and other feedback   

Pros and cons of the Oral-B iO toothbrush


  • Excellent teeth cleaning
  • Optimal design of brush head and bristles to easily clean the teeth and remove hard-to-reach plaque buildups
  • Quiet motor sound
  • Fast recharging and good battery life
  • Pressures sensors to remind you on brushing appropriately
  • Advanced Al technology and tracking on Bluetooth-connect app for better brushing patterns and more feedback
  • Built-in interactive display
  • Innovative and sleeker brush handle design that offers a comfortable in-hand experience


  • App connectivity needs commitment and it is an added cost if not used
  • The cost of the replacement brush heads and the brush
  • The travel case does not have a USB port instead, there is a power adapter which makes it not as compact and convenient, plus it takes just 1 brush head inside

Is Oral-B iO worth it?

The simple answer is yes and Oral-B iO is worth the price. It is a high-tech electric toothbrush that offers what you need from a smart brush and you can find unique cutting-edge features like 3D teeth tracking in iO Series 9.
No matter which iO you choose, you have the innovative AI features and Bluetooth-connect app to guide you in improved toothbrushing to make oral care even more encouraging with feedback.

Oral-B iO has a stylish design for more comfort in the hand and it uses an interactive display on the brush handle. It incorporates practical, mechanical, and physical improvements that give a great cleaning experience. But if you are looking for just a regular toothbrush with a lower price range, other models of Oral-B may suffice.

What are the alternatives to Oral-B iO?

All toothbrushes demand proper use for you to have clean teeth and healthy gums. Choose iO models if you want the upgraded and best features from an electric toothbrush.

The iO models give you what you need from a smart toothbrush. Although you may not use all that is provided, the iO Series of Oral-B electric toothbrushes are the automation at its best, especially with the overly smart iO 9 that has more features.

If you are looking for more budget-friendly options, Oral-B Genius X and Oral-B Pro 1000 can be good alternatives. Oral-B Genius X takes advantage of the AI technology and the brush is smart enough to let you know about your brushing progress, though, the level of smartness is not as developed and upgraded as in iO.

Oral-B Pro 1000 is a much more affordable toothbrush with basic features and it may satisfy your brushing needs. It is not a smart toothbrush like iO or Genus X, but it is an effective and economical toothbrush.


Oral-B iO is truly a top pick with excellent cleaning capabilities. It is by far the brush to go for when it comes to electric toothbrushes. Brushing is much smoother and it feels clean. The quieter sound, micro-vibrations, and oscillation and rotation are great mechanical improvements, so it feels good and comfortable to brush with while being a highly efficient toothbrush.

Oral-B iO is not falling behind in today’s technological world and presents you with innovative 3D teeth tracking and AI technology. It is a huge step-up for a smart toothbrush that gets you on the journey of better brushing habits.  

The design is unique and some of the features like rapid recharging and interactive OLED display are something you could not easily find in the other toothbrushes.

We hope that the review has helped you to know more about the iO Series and your decision on the mindful purchase of this top smart Oral-B electric toothbrush.

It all goes back to your preferences and interests, but note that it is worth owning even the most expensive iO 9 to enjoy brushing evermore. With one purchase, you own the brush and what remains is changing the brush head every three months to keep up with your oral health.

Reading consumer reviews on major retailers like Amazon can also help in making up your mind if you are hesitant. At the time of this writing, we have tried to include that something is not left and that future changes are yet to be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions around Oral-B iO

How long does the Oral-B iO battery last?

On average, the battery in iO Series can last up to 14 days with 2-minute twice-daily brushing. It may last even 2+ weeks according to the company.

What cleaning /brushing modes do iO toothbrushes have?

The iO Series 9 have a total 7 brushing modes including:1-Daily Clean, 2-Sensitive, 3-Super Sensitive, 4-Gum care, 5- Intense, 6- Whiten, 7-Tongue Cleaner
On the other hand, Oral-B iO Series 8 have 6 cleaning modes and lack the Tongue Cleaner.
Both the iO Series 7 and Series 6 have 5 cleaning modes and the Super Sensitive & Tongue Cleaner are not available in these models.

Can I use Oral-B iO without the app?

Yes. You can use the Oral-B iO without the app and it works just as well. But with the app, you can get a different experience in your daily oral care and track and follow your brushing activities. It is a good way for an upgraded brushing with more information that you might like, which is available on your smartphone.

How do I clean my Oral-B iO?

Rinse and clean your Oral-B iO under running water. After brushing, rinse the head first and then you can separate the head from the brush handle for a thorough cleaning. If it is necessary use a mild cleanser to disinfect the brush head completely. Avoid using strong detergents and boiling water for cleaning. Be sure to wipe dry the brush after rinsing.

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