Dental Implants consists of a crown, abutment and the post (the screw-like object that is inserted in your gum), which is also called implant. The cost of dental implant depends on these implant components and also x-rays, CT scan, preoperative care and post-operative care. It is not the end of the list and there are more things that can add up to your dental implant cost. For example, if you need tooth extraction or bone graft, which is done when your gums don’t support the implant, you have to spend more money.

Single tooth implant cost

If you need just one implant to replace your missing tooth, it can cost between $1000 and $3000. But there are more variations in price and the total cost can reach to $6000. This total price includes everything needed for the procedure of the single implant from x-rays to the dental implant components and patient care after the dental implant operation.

Multiple tooth implant cost

Depending on the location of your dental implant, you can expect various price ranges. Generally, the cost for multiple dental implants is from $6000 to $10,000. This is the average cost of more than one implant and these price ranges depend on the number of implants and the location of implants. For example, if you are missing four teeth next to each other, you can get fewer implants by using implant-supported bridge in the place of missing four individual teeth, so you don’t need four implants. And if the missing teeth are not adjacent to each other, you need individual dental implants. This can increase the cost of your dental implant for multiple teeth implants.

Full dental implants cost

The average cost for full dental implant is around $30,000. But this cost is not for every individual. You may need extractions or bone graft to rebuilt your gums and strengthen your gums to have full dental implants. Years of wearing dentures may have damaged your bone and being a good candidate for a full set of dental implants is decided by the dentists. If we imagine all possible worst case scenarios and the full implants necessary in each side of the arch, you can expect the total cost of full dental implants to be between $60,000 and $90,000.

Like multiple teeth dental implant, those people who want full dental implant can save up some money if they use implant-supported bridge or denture alternatives.

Why is dental implant worth all the money?

Dental implant is by far the most stable, durable and natural way to replace missing teeth. To invest in such wonders of dentistry is worth all the efforts and money. Our elderly can expect higher life expectancy and healthier lifestyle as they age. It is not the case “Should I spend that amount of money to repair my mouth?”, but the reality is your oral condition can get worse if you don’t do anything about that. You will not have the oral hygiene and cleaning difficulties as you will have in the dental bridges. Plus, you will not get into trouble with gum infections and inflammation in your soft tissue as you will in full mouth dentures.

Let’s be honest, having natural teeth is what makes our smile and appearance attractive, but when some of these natural teeth have fallen, then that attractive look needs a little investment. A single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth will affect your look and appearance. Unlike brides, dental implants don’t harm periodontal health of other teeth around and there are no risks of tooth decay or damage to the adjacent teeth next to the implant area. By having dental implant, you offset the prices of recurrent visits to the dentist, failures, and risks of other dental replacement restorations.

What makes dental implant so expensive?

  • Dental implant is done by trained dentists and maxillofacial surgeons
  • Treatment time and difficulty of the job for the dentist increases the cost. For example, having dental implants for multiple teeth or implants in the upper jaw  
  • Not having any dental insurance
  • If there is an dental insurance, in most cases costs are not reimbursed fully or maybe insurance doesn’t support dental implant at all

How can you lower your dental implant cost?

  1. Choose implant-supported prosthesis of bridge or dentures in missing multiple neighboring teeth
  2. Look for a dental insurance provider that covers dental implant
  3. Ask your dentist for more affordable choice of materials and implants in your price range
  4. Location and dentist’s individual are important factors, and you can browse for a location and a dentist to get bargain dental implants.

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