While you can visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening treatment, teeth whitening pens can come as a useful treat for home use, too.

Teeth whitening pen has made it possible to whiten teeth using the simplest way both at home or anywhere else. They have a compact size and are easily carried around. Pens have the tube that contain the whitening gel inside. The whitening pens provide instant application of the gel on teeth surface, using the tip of the brush. In a complete set of kit, you can have an LED light or even more whitening pens.

How do teeth whitening pens work?

Teeth can discolor due to years of stain formation caused by foods/drinks, not cleaning teeth or any other reasons. Drinking coffee, tea, soda, red wine and eating high colored foods or fruits will target the enamel (the outer layer of tooth). The enamel is destroyed by bacterial activity which exist in accumulated plaque on the surface of teeth and feed on your foods you eat.

Your unhealthy diet and harmful habits such as smoking are two primary reasons that teeth change the natural white color of your teeth over time. If accompanied by lack of regular oral hygiene, the condition gets worse and leads to cavities and tooth loss.

What teeth whitening kits such as whitening pens do is to dissolve the stains that are formed on the enamel. They work out the stain removal process by using mainly carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are the main whitening agents found in toothpaste, bleaching treatment, and other over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Therefore, peroxide is the main ingredient to break down the stain and brighten teeth at each application.

How should I use teeth whitening pens?

You may apply the gel once or twice daily in the morning or evening. Some companies may offer overnight use and others may take much faster time before rinsing off from your teeth.

The treatment time with whitening pens can last for just 14 days or even months. Depending on the level of brightness or feeling of tooth sensitivity, you can quit or use the product.

Keep in mind that no whitening treatment (even those in dental clinic) lasts forever. Thus, you should maintain oral and dental health by daily brushing and not using OTC kits all the time. Teeth whitening pens are not an alternative for your routine oral hygiene practice.

Ask your dentist before trying teeth whitening pens. You may have a dental condition (e.g, pulp damage), which requires treatment and whitening agents may even cause pains. To avoid sensitivity, use whitening pens for short periods of time and as temporary way to whiten teeth.

Now get to know 9 best teeth whitening pens

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

AuraGlow® contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide, the most common teeth whitening agent. With this amount of carbamide peroxide, it breaks down stain on the surface of your teeth. The gel quickly dries, making the whitening results seen in less than 1 minute in each time application.
AuraGlow® brightens stained teeth and offers up to 8 shade lighter teeth. Use it 1-2 times daily until the preferred shade of teeth is achieved.
A pocket-sized and an easy-to-use tooth whitener that has a little brush design to apply carefully on stained spots or on the tooth you want. The clear tube design makes it visible on how much is left or used of the whitening gel inside. Manage your teeth whitening and maintain the attractive smile with this all-in-one product.
Price: $ 26.00

VieBeuti Teeth Whitening Pen

VieBeuti® is another teeth whitening pen that offers just over 20 uses for a brighter tooth shade. It benefits from carbamide peroxide in much gentler composition to be used for sensitive teeth. Remove stained teeth caused by years of drinking coffee, tea, wine and smoking with daily application.
ViaBeuti® features a twist mechanism and a soft brush, allowing more comfort and ability to whiten those difficult teeth in back.
Just 5-inch in size, it is a teeth whitening pen on move in its sense.
Price: $ 19.99

Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen

If you are looking for a brand known to dentists, which has long been producing oral and dental health products, the Colgate® is your choice. As the name suggests, this whitening pen is made for night-time use to brighten your smile. The gel is thick enough to expose your teeth for more whitening effcets thanks to its ingredients formula.
Colgate® Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen has 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, another common whitening agent. It is vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free. It remians on your teeth and is not wahsed away by saliva. You may feel it as very sticky because it should from a coat on the teeth for longer contacts overnight. You can easily brush off the gel by the time you wake up.
Price: $ 24.87

Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

One distinctive characteristic of Smilebriter® whitening pen is xlitol ingredient, which is a tooth-frienlly ingredient and known to protect enamel.
This tooth whitening pen freshen up your breath because of peppermint flavor taste. Safe for sesitive teeth, the gel is backed by peroxide-based ingredient to whiten teeth.
Price: $ 38.15

AsaVea Bright White

AsaVea Bright White® is a convenient teeth whitening pen that contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide. It takes less time to dry and is a real on-the-move kit. It is favored by those who want easy application without any more hassles.
Illumiate your smile and make your teeth attractive with each daily uses.
Price: $ 21.99

SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening

SmileDirectClub® company offers the best set of teeth whitening pen over 1 year treatment with 8 pens. Interested in buying a comlete kit, this teeth whitener pen is a great option.
You can use twice daily for maximum results of whiter and brither teeth. The company claims even 9 shade whiter teeth and results are highly visible even after one week use.
Price: $ 45.00

Polar Teeth Whitening Pen Single

You may want a more affordable teeth-whitener pen, so get Polar® Teeth Whitener Pen. It is just as effective in whitening the stained teeth since the 12 dental grade hydrogen peroxide is part of the formula.
The gel dries quicky and application is very simple, making it a highly convenient whitening pen. This travel-friendly whitening pen provides a comfortable experience in teeth whitening to take place anywhere anyplace.
Price: $ 16.99

iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

The iSmile® Teeth Whitening kit can offer a complete kit (with LED light) and a visible result in shortest amount of time. It is extremely easy to work with, and you will experience whiter teeth with no-mess on each time use.

Although the gel may take time to dry, but it is much gentler for those with teeth sensitivity.

Price: $ 24.00

Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening kits may not be entrily of natural substances, but their ingreidents can be of more organics. Cali White® is the best vegan teeth whitening pen with certified organics.

It is an environmetally friendly product with no sulfate, no parabens,no PEG and no PPG ingredients. Plus, it is gluten-free. This is why it is favord by more natural teeth whitening followers and dentists alike.

Get rid of stains on your teeth since it still has 35 percent carbamide peroocxide, which fights against the stain caused by long time drinking tea, coffee, wine and soda or smoking cigarette.

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